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Providing business mediation or advisory services to internationally operating companies or organisations. Settlement of litigations and conflicts in employment or business partnerships. Combining local (Dutch) mediation and legal practice with Alternative Dispute Resolution approaches common in other countries. Supporting parties in finding sustainable and mutually acceptable resolutions.

Business mediation

Long-lasting litigations or conflicts between international business partners of a venture have a negative impact on the day-to-day operations, financial results, and reputation of all involved parties. The Business Mediator supports parties in reaching agreements through respectful and effective negotiation. In most cases, the business relationship can be preserved.

Employment mediation

Successful Employment Mediations under Dutch Employment Law result in mutually acceptable agreements between Employer and Employee. Quick and effective dispute resolution prevent excessive costs and long lead times. Damage of reputations can be avoided. Arrangements lead to improved and restored communication, or to termination of the employment contract under mutually agreed terms.


Advice to owners of ventures or directors of companies operating international businesses. Advice and support in negotiations to resolve cross-border litigations. Assessing scenarios for starting, improving or discontinuing cooperations. Expert Advice stemming from many years of Business Medation practices. The unbiased View of the Outsider.

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