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There are times in the entrepreneur’s life when crucial decisions have to be made on dilemmas related to prolongation or discontinuation of business partnerships, partnering or merging with other companies, succession to the next generation.

Understanding your position, your interests, as well as those of other involved parties, is essential for an efficient and effective negotiation process. Scenario thinking and recognition of negotiation styles are supportive in achieving the desired outcome. 

Open-mindedly, equipped with best practices of mediation and negotiation, I support your reflection and strategizing processes. The series of conversations prior to and during the negotiation process follow the principles of individual supervised intervision.   

Frequent supervised intervisions with business partners or company owners demonstrably improve the capability of conflict management and conflict resolution. Through joint assessment and reflection on potential conflict cases, business partners will gradually adopt a more productive style in their joint cooperation.  

Entrepreneurs best served with my support and expertise in intervision are Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Start-up companies.


Robert Evers

business mediator
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