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Disputes amongst owners of a venture or leaders of a company negatively impact communication and result in troubled decision-making processes. Lack of cooperative and effective leadership is starting to harm employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders such as financers.

Views on the origin and the consequences of the dispute are intertwined, continuously argued, and create a biased view in new discussions. Any issue may easily escalate to a new conflict. Differences in character and international background of involved individuals do not contribute to de-escalation. Professional support is required to restore communication and resolve disputes.

As a business mediator with many years of experience in international companies, ventures, and cooperations, I support parties through the principles of mediation: recognition of positions, identifications of individual and mutual interests, structured (Harvard) negotiation, and drafting a settlement agreement.

With my support, parties are able to find sustainable and mutually acceptable solutions. International and/or local corporate finance and corporate law professionals may be involved to ensure the compliance of negotiated agreements.

Robert Evers

business mediator
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