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Longlasting and escalating litigations between employer and employee impact the working atmosphere, result in loss of productivity and revenue and inflict damage to the reputations of involved persons.

The professional and impartial guidance of an experienced mediator is required to create an atmosphere in which conflict resolution can take place. Robert Evers is a Certified Employment Mediator operating in the Dutch legal context according to the Rules and Code of Conduct of the Dutch Mediators Federation (MfN).

Different nationalities, differences in communication, and management styles are dominating factors in cross-border conflicts.  Aspects that have to be recognized and addressed in finding sustainable solutions. Robert Evers is experienced in international negotiations and employment mediation cases with senior staff members. With cultural sensitivity and authority, he will guide parties to an agreement.

Successful employment mediation cases may result in agreements on modified or improved codes of conduct, improved communication styles, agreed arrangements on work floor reentry after a period of unsuitability to work, or in a dismissal agreement.

Robert Evers

business mediator
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