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As a Business Manager, Managing Director, and founder of companies, Robert Evers has observed and experienced litigations and disputes of all kinds and natures in international cooperations.

Although similar in the process of resolution, every dispute has its own dynamics and unique participants. The challenge is to guide parties in finding a solution that fits their needs sustainably. Supporting parties in resolving disputes is what Robert decided to make part of his work.

After studying Applied Physics at the University of Twente, he worked for various multinationals in different branches and different management functions. He lived and worked in Netherlands, Italy and Germany for longer periods of time.

With natural authority, empathy and best practices in conflict resolution, Robert Evers supports and guides entrepreneurs, management teams and business partners in the settlement of their conflicts. International business partners can confide in his ability to effectively manage cross-border conflicts while being sensitive to the dynamics that come with different nationalities, local customs and management styles.

Robert is a Certified MfN Mediator and active in the context of Employment and Enterprise Law and Regulations in The Netherlands. Next to his activities as Business Mediator, he holds a position as Managing Director in an internationally operating company. His experience stretches to the domains of Project- and Program Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Statutory Regulations in European enterprises.


Robert Evers

business mediator
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